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Normally, you'd have to fork out thousands of dollars on an expensive, top-of-the-line speaker system to hear music like this. As it turns out, all you need is a set of Ultrasone HFI.700's.

Deep Bass and Extra Wide Soundfield
Whether you are a surround mixer, a gamer, or avid listener, you'll love the 3D effect of Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones. The soundstage of the Ultrasone HFI.700's is enourmous. Normally, closed headpones are said to have an in-the-head-feeling - not so for the HFI.700. The music is out-of-the-head. With the Ultrasone HFI.700 you can clearly identify the location of instruments.

ULTRASONE HFI.700 at a Glance:

Isolation without giving up the honest sound of an open headphone.
Natural Surround Sound, directions and distances can be heard and perceived.
40% lower dB output for the same loudness sensation reduces risks of hearing loss.
Reduced Magnetic Field Emissions.
Extended low frequency response.
Earcups fold back and up without having to remove headphones.
Open Sound in Isolation: the sound is perceived in front of you and beside you, broad and detached. SPL's reduced up to 40%. For studio, professional, and general music enjoyment. No other ULTRASONE has such a long list of reference customers.

S-LogicNatural Surround Sound
Natural Surround Sound the usual headphone sound will be moved out of the head in the room around you. The sound is no longer locked in, but appears broad and detached. With Ultrasone HFI.700 , directions and distances can be heard and perceived - it's just like being in a live concert.

For this new technology additional equipment is not required. A pair of Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones plus a simple CD player and you will be ready for the 3-dimensional music enjoyment!

Safer Hearing
Natural Surround Sound System allows an up to 40% lower dB output (3-4 dB) for the same loudness sensation, thereby the risk of hearing defects may be reduced enormously.

Reduced Magnetic Field Emissions


Extended Low Frequency Range
The low frequency ranges of the Ultrasone HFI.700's are extended in order to accomodate the frequency response found in DSP-Systems like Dolby Headphoneand Yamaha Silent Cinema.

Foldable Earcups
The Ultrasone HFI.700's have an additional features which enables you to fold back and up the individual earpiece without removing these headphones from your head in order to be con-nected immediately with the "outside world" again. Because of this folding mechanism, Ultrasone HFI.700 headphones can be easily stored and transported in a suitcase. Thanks to its closed construction, external noise is suppressed.

ULTRASONE HFI.700 Features:

Foldable closed-back, circum-aural.
Dynamic principle.
S-Logic Natural Surround Sound.
Fq resp 10Hz -25kHz.
Impedance 75 ohms.
Sound Pressure Level 94dB.
cable length: 10ft. (3m)
6.3mm gold plated plug, 3.5mm gold plated adapter.
Color: Black with gold earpiece.
Straight Cable.
German Technology.
reduces EMF emissions (radiation) by up to 60%.
Weight (without cord) 9oz (265 grams).

Shipping Weight & Dimensions:

12 x 9 x 5 - 3lbs.

One of the things that set Ultrasone headphones apart from all others is the S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. Every pair of Ultrasone headphones is equipped with S-Logic. S-Logic is not Ultrasone's only signature-feature, either. The S-Logic Natural Surround Sound is just that: a natural surround sound in the headphones. S-Logic deludes your ears into believing you are standing in a room with speakers all around you. I had my doubts about the S-Logic at first, but the reality speaks for itself. S-Logic is without question a great, innovative feature that really adds an advantage to the overall Ultrasone experience.

The HFI-700s are crystal-clear sounding, comfortable, portable, sealed headphones with good, not overemphasized bass.

Most sealed headphones err on the side of being too warm; the HFI-700 is a clear change. These headphones are articulate and crystal clear. The bass is good and not over-emphasized, though maybe slightly resonant sounding. The mids are clear and without blatant coloration; not easy in sealed headphones , the highs are quite good. Though a bit lacking in a sense of liquid transition between the various frequency ranges, these headphones are good over-all performers and certainly among the best of the full sized sealed headphones available.

These full-sized sealed headphones are an all plastic design that allow the ear pieces to either swivel flat for storage in a narrow space (like in your brief case), or fold up into the space inside the headband. The ear pads are cushioned with foam pads covered with a nice quality pleather. The cord exits from the left earpiece and is terminated 10 feet later with a stereo mini-plug; also included is a screw on 1/8 to 1/4 inch adaptor.

Alienwares Ozma 7 headphones provide studio reference quality sound in a compact foldable design. The result of a partnership with Ultrasone, these headphones sport the Alienware logo on each earpiece and feature the same color scheme as the companys computer systems.

The Ozma 7 is the Ultrasones HFI-700. The Ozma 7 headphones feature a more extended bass response than the now-discontinued Ultrasone HFI 650s -- down to 10Hz, compared with 15Hz previously. Since the low range of human hearing is typically 20Hz, this means youll hear all the bass response your source material has to offer. The top end extends up to 25kHz, beyond the usual 20kHz high range of human hearing.

Specifications are nice, but if they were the only thing that mattered, all headphones would have an extended frequency range and sound alike. What really sets the Ozma 7 design apart is its ability to create a wide and deep aural landscape.

One of Ultrasones patented technologies is S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. Its not surround sound in the typical sense what the technology does is create a more dimensional signal based on a stereo source. Its the same mix, only bigger. Everything sounds more natural in this design, whether the application is recording, monitoring, or gaming.

One of the secrets is decentralized driver positioning. Where the majority of headphones focus on the inner ear, drivers in the S-Logic design are positioned to reflect in different directions from the surface of the outer ear before they enter the auditory canal. There is no artificially induced echo, processing or delay involved in this design. Its just a more accurate simulation of the way we hear sounds in the real world. Human hearing is not strictly left and right. Sounds arrive at different angles, and the outer ear helps corral them to create our naturally perceived soundfield.

The Ozma 7 headphones are also designed to produce the same apparent loudness as other designs at up to 3-4 dB lower output. With a sound pressure level of 94 dB (not a recommended listening level), the Ozma 7 design permits listening at volumes that might be uncomfortable with other headphones. Plus, the Ozma 7 uses MU Metal shields to dramatically reduce LE (Low Frequency) radiation compared with conventional designs that permit a much higher level of radiation into the head.

Physically, the Ozma 7 headphones are flexible and durable. They can be compactly folded up for transportation (a bag is included), or for DJ monitoring with one ear. Theres one chord securely attached to the left earphone with flexible heavy duty rubber, and an included -in phone jack screws onto the stereo style phono plug. The chord is nearly 10 feet long, which provides plenty of mobility while the headphones are being worn. Ive had a couple of other headphones that stopped working during the past three years. No matter how careful you are, desk chairs will roll over the chord, and people will trample on it or walk too far from the plug. The similarly designed HFI 650 headphones I use have held up well to that kind of abuse, and Id expect the Ozma 7 design to be just as hardy.

The ear cups are a closed-back design that envelops the ear and does a good job of isolating the listener from outside noise. Louder ambient sounds such as a ringing phone nearby will still get through, but at greatly reduced volume that doesnt distract from the listening experience. Finally, they are comfortable. Some closed-back designs make you feel like your heads been in a vice grip after long periods of wear. The Ozma 7 have a lightweight (9 oz.)carriage with plush foam ear covers, and the design distributes the pressure points well. They can be worn without discomfort for several hours at a stretch.

From personal experience, I'd highly recommend them.


"Unbelievably Exceptional Sound and Comfort for a closed headphone"
5.0 stars
on August 17, 2007

ProsExceptionally detailed and open sound, almost equal to the Grado SR325 and it is a closed back headphone with almost no external sound interference. Extremely comfortable.

ConsPricey from some dealers but I only paid $168.

SummaryFor a closed back headphone, the sound is exceptionally detailed and clear, almost equal to the Grado sound. Yet the closed back feature permits very little external noise to get in. They are ultra comfortable. I use several headphones but, overall, the Ultrasone 700 is the most versatile because of its ability to block noise unlike the Grados that I use in low noise environments. Some burn in is required.

Updated on Dec 19, 2008

Over time, I used this headphone less and less. The audio fidelity, while good for a closed back headphone, ended up being no match for the Grado 325. I also tested the Sennheiser PXC 450, a closed back and noise canceling headphone. The Sennheiser PXC has a superior sound to the Ultrasone and also blocks more noise even with the noise canceling feature off or on. Since, the PXC is even more versatile, almost entirely blocking airline noise for example, it is by far my preferred headphone now. It is every bit the equal of the Grado sound with a significantly more comfortable feel.

"Extraordinary ULTRASound!"
5.0 stars
on June 17, 2007

ProsBest Sounding Device since the Human Ear

Cons3 Metre cord and 1/4" plug [Requires an adapter for use 1/8" standard audio out]

SummaryHaving owned these headphones for 2+ years, I have never not been satisfied. Although the 3 metre cord is a tiny issue when using with a mobile device, that problem is easily solved with velcroing the cord together. Whether it's Bono's voice, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, bagpipes or even Elizabethian [Thanks Sting!], every little detail is audible. About a year ago, the bar that connects each speaker broke [Courtesy of little sister]. I contacted Ultrasone's Tennessee centre [A real person answered on the second ring!] and they repaired my headphones for nothing in 4 days [includes shipping Western NY-TN, TN-Western NY]and asked for only for $10 shipping! These truly are fantastic headphones and I strongly recommend them to anyone with even a slight passion for decent sound!

"Unbelievably Wonderful Sound"
5.0 stars
on June 7, 2007

ProsThe Surond Sound seems to realy work . The sound seems more to the sides, back and front more than regular headphones.

ConsLike other large headphones , it can get kind of hot, sweaty and steamy inside the phones but i've noticed this with other large headphones as well.

SummaryThe base notes are great with these headphones, and the mid range and treble notes are just crystall clear. Best sound of any head phone I've tried. There is a realizism about the music that just is so great. you feel Like you are in the middle of the stage with sounds coming from all around you. the earcups go around the outside of your ears, much more comfortable for long listing sessions than earphone pads that press on your ears and it isolates the sound very well so even someone sitting next to you can't hear the music. I find I play these at lower volume levels than other ear phones and they sound just as lound. I thought these were expensive and after having them a short while I now think now they are a bargain for the wonderful sound you hear. They work great on the home stero entertainment system and also sound just as good on little mp3 players like the creative Zen Stone. So small mp3 players seem to have enough to juice to make these earphones work well. I just can't say enough good about the wonderful sound of these phones and am so attached to them that it makes all other earphones and speakers in my house seem crapy sounding by comparison. I have $1000 speakers on my stero and these phones sound much better to me than they do. Whole ranges of sound I wasn't hearing before are now audible. The detail in the music is more noticable, and the stero speration or natural suround sound seems to really have an effect. These really make mp3's sound like CD's they bring out so much clarity. I bought these after reading the discription from CNET and am completely satisfyed. If i lost them i would buy another pair next week, I'd be lost without them now that i'm completely spoiled by the georgeous sounds they produce.

"For their price, the best cans bar none"
5.0 stars
on October 7, 2008

ProsTight bass, isolation/noise blockage

Consnothing yet

SummaryGlad my HD280s came apart (after 4 years, tho) cus I wouldn't have these otherwise. It's been over a year and I still LOVE THEM!!

"Better than you would ever think"
5.0 stars
on July 29, 2008

ProsGreat, deep bass. Crystal clear.

ConsLong cord, but who really cares.

SummaryThese are by far the best headphones I have ever purchased. These headphones will blow your mind. Any thing you listen to on these things are completely different than you thought. Buy these now.

"Crystal clear sound."
5.0 stars
on December 16, 2007

ProsIncredible audio fidelity, comfortable to wear.

ConsThe long cord can be a hassle if you use the headphones on the go.

SummaryThese headphones are amazing. The audio fidelity if incredible and they are very comfortable to wear. The s-logic technology really does add a spatial element to the music you just don't get otherwise. The long cord is great if you are listening at home or in the office, it can be a slight nuisance if you plan to use the headphones while traveling (i.e. plane, train, etc.).

"Great sound, uncomfortable for long time"
on April 6, 2011 

Pros+ Great sound
+ Closed noise cancelling works well

Cons- After long use, it begins to hurt your ears

SummaryA good pair of headphones for listening to music/movies. If you wear them for too long they start to hurt your ears though.

"Amazing, transparent, powerful and 'wide' sound."
5.0 stars
on September 3, 2009

ProsAmazingly detailed, powerful and transparent sound never heard before in this price range. The s-logic sound has to be heard to be believed. Comfortable and solid build, foldable.

ConsVery long cord when used with an MP3-player

SummaryAfter extensive reading of headphone reviews I bought this one to go with my new MP3-player. I bought the MP3-player (iRiver Clix2) for best audio fidelity and wanted a pair of headphones to do the audio fidelity justice. 
I have not been disappointed a single bit, the sound coming out of these headphones is just superb in every aspect. Music I had been listing to for years suddenly sounded different, more detailed and layered instead of flat because of the S-Logic system. My next set of headphones will surely be Ultrasones!

"Ultrasone HFI-700 is an Ultra No Brainer & Ultra Buy"
5.0 stars
on March 21, 2008

ProsSpectacular audio fidelity across the full range & super comfortable.

ConsNone! Oh yeah! qoute me, I said NONE!!!!

SummaryAll I can say is you will not be disappointed and your money will be well spent. Best headphones I ever owned; I have no desire to look for better as that would be absurd. 

You will have to buy your own to see what I mean. They are a must have when I leave town or just want to get away into into my own beautiful music space where ever I am. 

These headphones will make you forget about the world around you and bring you into the Ultrasone world of surperb audio fidelity. Oh yeah! I just fired my Sennheiser's; they are now relagated to collecting dust. My Shure earbuds have also taken 2nd billing to my Ultrsone HFI-700.

"The best headphones I have ever owned!"
5.0 stars
on February 7, 2008

ProsCrystal clear sound, wonderful bass response. solid contruction.

Conscord tangles very easy, and a bit long for my taste.

SummaryI searched far and wide for the perfect headphones and i must say that i have finally found them! trust me you will not be disappointed with these headphones.

"Unbelievable sound with iPod, didn't know it could sound this good!"
5.0 stars
on May 9, 2007

ProsSounds like you're there in the recording studio or at the concert.

ConsCan't find any to date.

SummaryTop rate headphones, best I've used to date.


Based near Munich, Germany, Ultrasone AG has been manufacturing headphones for the audio market for over 12 years, during which time the company has developed and applied for more than 60 patents for its innovative technology. The company's unique, patented S-Logictechnology creates natural surround sound without the use of additional electronic devices. ULTRASONE headphones represent a safer listening experience, not only by generating a 40 percent lower sensitivity for the same perceived loudness but also by offering shielding up to 98% of EMF radiation through the use of patented PROline (ultra low emission) technology. ULTRASONE headphones are available worldwide and distributed in North America by Franklin, TN-based ULTRASONE of America, LLC.

Every conventional headphone on the market uses centralized drivers that send the audio signal directly down the ear canal straight to the eardrum, bypassing the pinna, or outer ear, which gives us our perception of distance and direction. The patented ULTRASONE S-Logictechnology uses decentralized drivers, they are actually shifted slightly down and to the front so that the audio signal strikes the pinna and allows the anatomy of the ear to process the sound naturally. In addition to having much more natural sound imaging (UTRASONE headphones actually sound more like being in the sweet spot of fine monitor speakers than headphones) you get the same perceived volume with up to 40% less sound pressure level to the eardrum, virtually eliminating fatigue. By reducing EMF radiation and lowered sound pressure levels ULTRASONE are not only the best sounding headphones in the World but also the safest.

There are currently no videos for this product.


Ultrasone warrants its products to be free from defects for 2 years from the date of purchase.