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Pioneer S-DJ05 Studio Monitors are our first monitor speakers designed specifically for DJs and producers.

Pioneer S-DJ05 Studio Monitors bring high quality sound and innovative useful features in home and studio environments. The first speakers to offer configuration through an included controller, users can adjust the volume, switch between inputs, mute and change switch from Flat to User defined EQ settings.

Pioneer S-DJ05 are the perfect monitoring solution for the DJ and producer offering incredibly accurate and flat response, but with an alternative EQ mode for enjoying high-powered DJ playback.

The Pioneer S-DJ05 Studio Monitors features excellent audio fidelity, audio parameter control, built-in linear equalization and four switchable inputs, useful for DJs and producers who need to achieve the highest accuracy in musical reproduction. In addition, the speaker offers users the ability to change settings such as sound characteristics and audio inputs via a unique manual controller.

Pioneer S-DJ05 Features include:
High quality sound and components for wide sweet spot
High force magnet with bi-amp circuit for independent tweeter & woofer driving
Wide sound directivity for flexible listening placement
Included controller accessory
Built-in linear equalizer for personalized adjustments of frequency characteristics
4 x switchable inputs allow your different connected sources to be switched without touching connections
Stand mountable (screw holes on bottom surface)
Auto standby mode
5 inch 2-way powered speaker with 1 inch soft-dome tweeter
Dynamically curved waveguide enclosure provides a wider pattern for better imaging and staging
Bass Reflex enclosure extends the lower frequency range to provide more mid-bass and bass output
Includes a control knob accessory to allow users to simultaneously operate the volume, power, and switchable input channels for both speakers
S-DJ05 speakers features four types of inputs for various devices
Also available in white
Also available in 8"

Type: Bi-amp 2-way powered speakers
Tweeter: 2.5 cm soft dome tweeter
Woofer: 5 inches
Frequency characteristics: 50 Hz to 25 kHz (-10 db)
Maximum external dimensions (W x H x D): 7.28" x 11.85" x 10.16" (including heat sink)
Weight (for pair): 29.54 lbs
Accessories: controller x 1, link cable x 1, power cables x 2, rubber feet x 8

Balanced input: XLR x 1, TRS (1/4 inch PHONE) x1
Unbalanced input: RCA x 2

Pioneer 5" Active Reference Speakers (PR) achieve a larger than normal listening area due to the use of a curved waveguide enclosure that directs the soft-dome tweeter's sound in a wider pattern for better imaging and staging. This means listeners across a larger area of the room can hear the higher frequencies. Also, the Bass Reflex enclosure extends lower frequency range to provide more mid-bass and bass output. The linear EQ allows users to adjust the low and high bands from -6dB to +6dB, which helps enhance the total quality of instruments while producing music or recreate the low Frequency sound of a club while DJ'ing for a more realistic experience. Control accessory allows users to simultaneously operate volume, power and four switchable input channels of both speakers. Also engages the EQ and muting of both speakers, Inputs: XLR, TRS and 2 sets of RCA. Auto Standby on both speakers plus bottom screw holes to be used with commercially available stands.


Pioneer products are warranted by DJDeals to be free from defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.