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The revolutionary new technology and comprehensive design developed for the Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge enables you to push your performance further. The S-120 has the highest level of tracking ability ever achieved. Combine this with its exceedingly wide range of tracking force, as well as its exceptional audio fidelity, and you get a very powerful tool.

With the Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge, we have accomplished an extraordinarily low level of record wear, protecting your precious limited edition records. So now, you can concentrate on your creative ideas and take your performance to new heights. The Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge's stability, strength and reliability enables you to express yourself in new and innovative ways. The S-120 just stays on track.

The Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge represents a completely new way of constructing and designing cartridges. Its breakthrough patent pending technology was specifically designed to provide you with maximum freedom for your performance.

An innovative technology, called asymmetric suspension, takes the cartridge performance to the next level. Its superior tracking force ensures the Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge stays in the groove even under extreme live performance conditions.

In addition, its design achieves an unprecedentedly low level of record wear, which helps protect your valuable vinyl. On top of this, the Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge is capable of providing a level of audio fidelity never thought possible from a modern DJ cartridge.

Ortofon introduce the new Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge with a patent pending design that will virtually "hug the grooves" of a record using a unique suspension system that the two companies have co-designed.

All vinyl DJs will benefit from the extreme tracking ability delivered by a revolutionary new cantilever suspension. With 4.0 gms of vertical tracking force, the S-120 achieves an amazing tracking ability of 120 µm compared to the conventional 80 µm at 315Hz. That is a 50% performance improvement on standard DJ cartridge.

The Ortofon Concorde S-120 DJ Turntable Cartridge is available in Concorde and OM versions.

The Ortofon|Serato S-120 Concorde, a heavy 18.5gm standard Concorde mount cartridge, supplied with an extra 2gm weight to take advantage of the superior tracking ability of the S-120 Stylus. Ortofon|Serato S-120 OM, which is provided with matching custom head-shell with graphics that allow for easy mounting. The new technology developed especially for the S-120 is called asymmetric suspension. This new suspension technology produces an amazing amount of vertical rigidity, while the horizontal tracking ability is increased to levels never before accomplished. Despite the extreme rigidity of the asymmetric suspension, the horizontal tracking ability reaches an amazing 120µm, allowing the stylus to move more freely than any other cartridge. The S-120 gives you better groove handling ability at any speed or direction and it allows for a much higher level of performance at tracking forces even below 1.5 grams. The S-120 is perfectly suited for collectors of, for example, 12" dance singles, as vinyl wear is reduced to an absolute minimum. The exceptional tracking ability of the S-120 stylus makes it possible to play the loudest pressings at a bare minimum of tracking force, and still keep record wear at a minimum level.

Even tracks deploying over-modulated bass frequencies can be played back at the lowest tracking force values and still keep record wear to a minimum level.
The asymmetric suspension technology in the S-120 virtually eliminates the need for setup and calibration. The S-120's performance is unrestricted by excess tracking force, greatly reducing the need to adjust it during a live music gig.

The Ortofo-Serato S-120 is the perfect cartridge for playing back timecoded vinyl. The output voltage of the S-120 has been increased to 10.0 mV, yielding exceptional timecode performance and a high signal-to-noise ratio, when used with SL1 and SL3 interfaces. This gives you perfect and reliable control over your mixing and performance with software like Serato Scratch Live.

Twin package consists of (2) cartridge bodies with (2) preinstalled styli

Kit package consists of (1) cartridge body, (1) preinstalled stylus, and (1) replacement stylus

Single Cartridge consists of (1) cartridge body and (1) preinstalled stylus

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